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Corediam Tools Co., Ltd.

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About Us

Corediam Tools Co Ltd as a high tech enterprise concentrates on researching developing manufacturing and marketing diamond tools industry We have the most extensive innovative and powerful range of diamond tools for construction stone and DIY markets Corediam strives to be the leading professional supplier in the world by technology innovation The main product ranges include laser welded saw blade brazing saw blade sinter hot pressed saw blade diamond grinding cup wheel laser welded core drill diamond wire etc The advanced automatic pressing sintering German Dr Fritsch full automatic laser welding machinery have been adopted in manufacturing lines and all the products are approved by...

Categories and Products

Construction Tools

Diamond Saw Blades

Laser Welded Asphalt Blade Laser welded Diamond Wall Saw Blade Sintered Hot-pressed Tile Silent Blade Laser Welded Diamond Wall Cutting Blade Laser welded reinforced concrete wall saw blade Laser Welded Asphalt Segmented Cutting Blade Diamond Concrete Segmented Cutting Saw Blade Crack Chaser Blade with High Efficiency Ring Saw Blade with Super Quality Super Thin Porcelain Blade Sinter Hot-pressed Turbo Super Thin Blade 350mm Sinter Hot-pressed Silent Tile Blade Sinter Hot-pressed Tile Blade Laser Welded Segmented Concrete Blade Laser Welded Turbo Segmented Concrete Blade Sinter Hot-pressed Concrete Blades Laser Welded General Purpose Diamond Blade Laser Welded Segmented Diamond Blade 230mm Sinter Hot-pressed Blade with Super Quality Soff-Cut Diamond Concrete Blade 

Grinding Cup Wheel

High Efficiency Cyclone Diamond Grinding Disc T Segment Cup Wheel With High Performance Diamond Abrasive Cup Wheels L Segment Diamond Cup Wheels With High Performance Diamond Grinding Plate With 4 Segments Diamond Grinding Head with Super Quality Diamond Grinding Head with Good Quality Perfect Grinding Performance PCD Grinding Head 180mm High Quality Diamond Grinding Disc Diamond Grinding Plate with Special Segments High Effiency Diamond Grinding Disc High Performance Double Row Grinding Cup Wheel 115mm Single Row Cup Wheel with High Quality 115MM Double Row Cup Wheel with high Quality 115MM T Segment Cup Wheel with super Quality 115MM Cyclone Cup Wheel with high Quality 115mm High Quality L Segment Cup Wheel 115MM Diamond Grinding Disc with Special Segments 115mm Arrow Segments Grinding Disc Diamond Grinding Head with High Quality 

Diamond Core Drill

Three-piece diamond core drill Laser Welded Diamond Dry Core Drill Laser welded wet core drill Laser Welded Turbo Drilling Bits High Quality Core Drill Barrel Diamond Core Drill Segment High quality diamond wet core drill bit Core Drill Dimple Segment Segment For Drill Saw 152mm Laser Welded Core Drill Three-piece Core Drill Barrel Wet Core Drill for Concrete Laser Welded Core Drill 20mm Crown Diamond Segments Dimple Core Drill Segments 127mm Laser Welded Core Drill with Turbo Segment 

Diamond Wire

Concrete Diamond Wire Saw Concrete Diamond Wire Cutting Reinforced Concrete 10.5mm Concrete Diamond Wire Saw 11.0mm Diamond Wire Saw for Reinforced Concrete 

Stone Tools

Stone Blade

Diamond Saw Blade for Granite Laser Welded Segmented Granite Disc D450 Laser Welded Granite Silent Blade 350mm Brazed Marble Blade Brazed Silent Marble Blade 230mm Sintered Turbo Saw Blade Sinteted Continuous Turbo Waved Blade Sintered Turbo Blade with Wave Core 125mm Sinter Hot-pressed Segmented Bevel Cutting Blade Sintered Turbo Blade with "Reinforced Ring" 115mm Sintered T Segment Concave Blade Continuous Rim Aggressive Turbo Concave Blades D125 Diamond Segmented Electroplated Blade 125mm Segmented Vacuum Brazed Saw Blade Electroplated Gridding Type Diamond Saw D115 Electroplated Circular Diamond Saw Blade Electroplated Saw for Marble Cutting 115mm Continuous Electroplated Diamond Saw Blade 230mm Electroplated Saw Blade 230mm Premium Turbo Waved Disc 

Gang Saw Blade

Premium Brazed Gang Saw Blade 

Grinding Cup Wheel

115mm Turbo Style Single Row Cup Wheel Turbo Type Cup Wheel with Aluminium Basement 115mm Turbo Cup Wheel with High Quality 100mm Grinidng Cup Wheel with Aluminum Core/Grinding Tools 115mm Diamond Turbo Cup Wheel for Stone Grinding 125mm High Performance Diamond Cup Wheel 100mm Sinter Diamond Cup Wheel with super Quality Turbo Stone Cup Wheel in 125mm Diamond 150mm Stone Turbo Grinding Cup Wheel 4.5 Inch Sinter Grinding Wheel with Turbo Segments 5 Inch Turbo Sinter Cup Wheel for Stone 115mm Sinter Turbo Grinding Wheel for Stone 150mm Sinter Stone Turbo Cup Wheel 

Polishing Pads

Wet Pads for Stone Polishing Dry Stone Polishing Pads 125mm Wet Polishing Pads D110 Wet Stone Polishing Pads 4 Inch Floor Pads with High Quality 5 Inch Diamond Floor Pads with super Quality 4 Inch Diamond Floor Pads with Super Quality 5 Inch Concrete Floor Pads 180mm Floor Polishing Pads 4Inch High Quality 100mm Diamond Stone Pads 125mm Diamond Dry Pads for Stone Polishing Diamond Floor Polishing Pads 3inch Dry Polishing Pad 

Diamond Core Drill

127mm Laser Welded Dry Core Drill 30mm Electroplated Core Bit For Mable Premium Diamond Stone Hole Saw 60mm Electroplated Stone Hole Saw 85mm Electoplated Drilling Bit for Stone Vacuum Brazed Hole Saw bit Premium Hard Tile Vacuum Brazed Hole Drill 10mm Vaccum Brazed Hole Saw Bit Hard Tile Vacuum Brazed Hole Saw 

Diamond Wire

10.5mm Granite Quarry Wire Saw 11.0mm Marble Quarry Wire Saw Premium Marble Diamond Wire 11.5mm Premium Diamond Granite Wire 

DIY Tools

DIY Tools For Angle Grinder

DIY Single Row Diamond Cup Wheel High Quality Cyclone Grinding Wheel for DIY 

DIY Tools For Circular Saw

DIY Segmented Blade for General Cutting Purpose Household Concrete Segmented Cutting Blades DIY Concrete Segmented Cutting Blade Household Sinter hoe-pressed Turbo Blade 230mm Sinter Hot-pressed Concrete Blade 115MM DIY Turbo Sinter hot-pressed Blade D115 DIY Sinter hot-pressed Continuous Saw D110 Household Sinter Continuous Blade For Tile 

DIY Tools For Driller

DIY Hole Core Drill Household Hole Core Drill with Super Quanlity Electroplated Core Bit for DIY Household Electroplated Coated Core Drill 102mm Electroplated Drill for Family Use 

Diamond Saw Blades

General Purpose Blade

125mm Sinter Hot-pressed Turbo Diamond Blade General Purpose Sinter Hot-pressed Blade 125mm General Purpose Sinter Hot-pressed Blade 300MM Sinter Hot-pressed Concrete Blades Laser Welded Wave Segmented Diamond Blade Laser Welded Segmented Turbo Blade 105mm Sinter Hot-pressed Cutting Blade for General Purpose Diamond 5 Inch Universal Cutting Saw Blade with High Quality/Diamond tools 9 inch Genreal purpoase sintered diamond cutting disc 

Concrete Blade

150mm Soff-Cut Diamond Concrete Blade D300 Sinter Hot-pressed Cutting Disc D105 Sinter Hot-pressed Concrete Blade 450mm Laser Welded Turbo Blade Precision Laser Welded Concrete Saw Blade D350 Laser Welded Segmented Concrete Blade 

Asphalt Blade

300mm Asphalt Blade with protective segment Laser welded Asphalt blade Protective Segment 350mm Laser Welded Asphalt Cutting Blade 14 inch Asphalt Floor Cutting Disc 

Wall Saw Blade

1200mm Diamond Wall Saw Blade Laser welded wall saw blade 800mm Laser Welded wall Saw Blade 

Tile Blade

Sinter Hot-pressed Continuous Tile Blade Super Thin Tile Blade D110 Super Thin Tile Blade 

Tuck Point And Crack Chaser Blade

High Quality Tuck Point Blade 115mm Crack Chaser Blade with High Efficiency 350mm Tuck Point Cutting Blade 300mm Laser Welded Tuck Point Cutting Blade 

Ring Saw Blade

350MM Ring Saw Blade 14 inch Laser Ring Cutting Disc 

Granite Blade

Granite Silent Blade With Low Noise 18 Inch Granite Cutting Blade D350 Granite Silent Blade D400 Granite Silent Blade D400 Granite Cutting Blade 

Marble Blade

D400 Marble Silent Blade Brazed Marble Silent Blade D400 High Quality Marble Blade 

Stone Turbo Blade

7Inch Turbo Blade for Stone Cutting Sintered Hot-pressed Stone Turbo Blade High Quality Stone Turbo Blade Stone Turbo Blade With Wide Segment Sintered Stone Turbo Blade With Narrow Segment Narrow Segment Sintered Stone Blade Abrasive Material Cutting Stone Blade 

Concave Blade

Sintered Protective T Segment Concave Blade Sinter Hot-pressed Concave Blade 

Electroplate Blade

Two Sides Coated Starred Diamond Saw Blade Segmented Electroplated Blade for Marble 230mm Coated Saw Blade 230mm Electroplate blade for Granite&Marble 

Vacuum Brazed Blade

180mm Continuous Vacuum Brazed Diamond Saw Blade Vacuum Brazed Saw Blade with Flange 115mm Segmented Vacuum Brazed Blade 

Segmented Blade

115mm DIY Diamond Segmented Cutting Disc 230mm laser welded turbo saw blade 350mm Diamond concrete segmented Saw Blade 9 Incn Laser Welded Turbo Blade for Concrete 300mm Laser turbbo blade for concrete 

Turbo Blade

105mm Super Thin Blade 105mm Turbo Blade with High Quality 110mm Sinter Hot-pressed Turbo Blade for Tile 115mm Hard Ceramic Cutting Blade 125mm Sinter Hot-pressed Continuous Blade 200mm Sinter Tubo Blade for Granite 230mm Dry Granite Bevel Turbo Blade 

Continuous Rim Blade

115mm Sintered Continous Rim Blade Sinter Continuous Saw Blade in 125mm 180mm Granite Continuous Rim Blade 200mm Granite Continuous Rim Blade 250mm Tile Continuous Rim Blade 150mm Granite Continuous Rim Blade 

Grinding Cup Wheel

Single Row Cup Wheel

D 115 Concrete Grinding Cup Wheel 105mm Single Row Cup Wheel 115mm Single Row Cup Wheel 180mm Single Row Cup Wheel 150mm Single Row Cup Wheel Single Row Grinding Cup Wheel 125mm Single Row Diamond Cup Wheel 

Double Row Cup Wheel

Double-row Diamond Grinding Wheel 115mm Double Row Cup Wheel 105mm Double Row Cup Wheel 115mm Double Row Grinding Cup Wheel 180mm Double Row Cup Wheel 180mm Double Row Grinding Cup Wheel 

Profiled Segment Cup Wheel

Turbo Diamond Cup Wheels D115 Cyclone Grinding Cup Wheel 115mm T segment Grinding Cup Wheel 130mm T Segment Grinding Cup Wheel 125mm L Segment Grinding Cup Wheel 105MM L Segment Grinding Cup Wheel 125mm F Segment Diamond Cup Wheel 115mm F Segment Grinding Cup Wheel 

Grinding Plate

4 Segments Dianmond Grinding Plate Diamond Griding Plate with 4 Segment 2 Segments Diamond Grinding Plate Diamond Grinding Plate in 30# Grit 

Grinding Disc

Concrete Diamond Grinding Disc High Quality Diamond Grinding Disc 

Aluminium Core Cup Wheel

Aluminium Based Diamond Cup Wheel Aluminium Based Grinding Cup Wheel 

Sintering Turbo Wheel

100mm Sintering Turbo Wheel 125mm Sintering Turbo Wheel 180mm Sintering Turbo Cup Wheel 230mm Turbo Wheel for Grinding Stone 

Polishing Pads

Dry&Wet Polishing Pads

5Inch Concrete Floor Pads with Good Quality 3inch wet diamond polishing pad 4inch wet granite polishing pad 100mm Diamond Wet Polishing Pad 180mm Diamond Wet Polishing Pad 125mm Wet Polishing Pad 5inch Dry Diamond Polishing Pad 4inch Floor Pad For Grinding Floor 5inch Floor Pad For Polishing Floor Diamond floor pads in 5-inch for concrete 

Diamond Core Drill

Diamond Wet Core Drill

Wet Diamond Core Drill Bits Three-piece Diamond Core Drill Bit 32mm Diamond Wet Core Drill 112mm Laser Welded Wet Core Drill 300mm Laser Welded Diamond Core Drill Bits Brazed Diamond Wet Core Drill 127mm Brazed Diamond Wet Core Drill Wet Dimple Core Drill Bits 127mm Laser Welded Turbo Core Drill Laser Welded Wet Turbo Core Drill Turbo Wet Core Drill Three Piece Diamond Core Drills 152mmCorediam three-piece core drill with super quality 82mm Three-piece diamond core drills with super preformance 

Diamond Dry Core Drill

40mm Dry Stone Drilling Bits High Quality Hole Core Drill Dry Diamond Core Dill Bits Electroplated Diamond Core Drill 102mm Laser Welded Diamond Dry Core Drill 162mm Concrete Diamond Dry Core Drill 200mm Diamond Dry Core Drill Bits Diamond Stone Dry Core Drill 

Diamond Wire

Concrete Wire

11.0mm Diamond Concrete Wire Saw D10.5 Diamond Concrete Wire 10.5mm Diamond Concrete Wire Concrete Diamond Wire with Bead Diameter 10.5mm 11.5mm Diamond Wire for Reinforced Concrete Bead Diameter 11.5mm Diamond Wire 

Diamond Steel Wire

Electroplated Steel Wire Saw Electroplated Diamond Wire Saw 

Granite Wire

11.5mm Diamond Granite Wire Sintered Beads Diamond Granite Wire 10.5mm Diamond Granite Wire 11.5mm Granite Cutting Wire Saw 

Marble Wire

Marble Quarry Wire Saw D11 Diamond Marble Quarry Wire 11.5mm Diamond Marble Wire with high quality 

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